4 Things To Know About Powder Facial Cleansers

We love when makeup goes rogue. Powder has long been associated with older lingo like “the powder room” or “powdering my nose,” but it has set out to prove its worth beyond creating a matte finish or setting foundation.

Meet powder facial cleansers, the new “it” product in skincare. It has the texture of powder combined with the power of a face scrub for a gentle formula any skin type can handle. All you need to do is mix it with as much or as little water as you like before washing. Here’s what you need to know before trying it out. find out beauty promo code at Sephora

Forget Preservatives
Unlike liquid formulas that need preservatives to sustain a long shelf life, powders will last years without relying on harsh chemicals.

Exfoliate On Your Terms
One product works for everyone, even the most sensitive skin types. Exfoliate as little or as much as you’d like—the more water, the less harsh the exfoliants. With just a drop of water, the product applies like a scrub. Apply ten drops and it works like a gentle liquid cleanser.

Stay Hydrated
Never again fear post-exfoliation alligator skin. Oils and conditioners within the powder itself will soften and smooth by adding moisture immediately back into your skin.

Eliminate Oil
That said, using the product at a thicker consistency will even out oil-prone skin. Although the cleansers don’t work as acne treatments per se, they prevent the bacteria buildup that can cause breakouts. We love a good multi-tasker.

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